The following services are offered at the University of Santo Tomas Herbarium.
  • Herbarium curation
  • Accession and storage of plant herbarium
  • Authentication/verification of plant names
  • Identification of plant specimens
  • Training on herbarium curation and database management

Guidelines for requesting services:
  1. Get "Request for Services" Form (Green Form) from the RCNS Office (Rm 201) and fill up the appropriate blanks. (Note: check the green form for the other services offered by the RCNS)
  2. Bring plant specimen/s to the herbarium at the specified time (see schedule below).
  3. Plant specimens must have the following:
    1. Branch with leaves, flowers/fruits (for trees and shrubs).
    2. The whole plant with leaves, flowers and roots (for herbs).
    3. Bits and pieces of the plant (like one to four leaves, or one fruit, etc) are not accepted. It should be as previously specified.
  4. For plants collected on field:
    1. Meticulously flatten out the plant in between sheets of newspapers before placing it inside a plastic bag.
    2. Pour denatured alcohol all over the specimen before sealing the bag. This is to preserve the plants especially if it will be days before it gets processed in the laboratory.
  5. You'll be asked to fill up a Field Label asking for the common name, morphological characteristics, place of collection, date of collection, etc. Please be ready with your notes.
  6. Once the plants have been assessed, return to the RCNS office for the cost of service then proceed to the Accounting Office (2nd flr, Main Bldg) for payment.
  7. You may get the Authentication Certificate (see sample) after a week. Please bring the receipt and request form.


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