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Barcodes for plant biodiversity

Thomasian researchers use modern phylogenetic tools to unravel the diversity of Philippine Flora

The Thomasian Angiosperm Phylogeny and Barcoding Group (TAPBG) headed by Prof. Dr. Grecebio Jonathan D. Alejandro, represents the Plant Biodiversity studies at the UST-RCNAS. The group is recognized in pioneering efforts on Plant Molecular Phylogenetics in the Philippines and discovery of novel plant taxa mostly in the family Rubiaceae.

The TAPBG uses both classical tools and molecular markers (cpDNA & nrDNA) in resolving taxonomic uncertainties in Rubiaceae and endemic plants of other families such as Apocynaceae-Asclepiadoideae, Annonaceae, Rutaceae, and Sapindaceae. The very first step towards a comprehensive treatment of Rubiaceae (4th largest Angiosperm family) for the Flora of the Philippines project has been taken in DELTA format available at Several species-rich genera of Philippine Rubiaceae need revision and numerous endemic species are left unresolved and awaiting to be discovered.

On-the-job Training for Biology students and other volunteers

Students (undergrad or graduate students) or individuals who would like to experience work inside a herbarium are invited to apply for OJT opportunities this coming second semester (A.Y. 2013-2014). For further information, please call (+632) 4061611 local 4055 or email at

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